Kids Sing “Still Alive” Goes Viral!

74,000 hits in one day, an article in The Escapist Magazine written by Andy Chalk.  The author actually mined through my old blog posts for the story!  Thankyou Andy.  About a thousand comments on blogs, forums and YouTube,  Kids, you done good!!! 

For the guests who are reading this here is some of the info that was requested in numerous comments:

      Yes the kids understood what the lyrics and the game were about.

      A few of them got the game and played it after they started learning the song.

      I am a video game addict and fell off the wagon to play Portal.  My son kept telling me it was such an amazing game but I had to wait until I had 20 hours straight to play it because I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop.   Going to work with no sleep is no fun but I had to play it for “research” purposes.   That hadn’t happened since I obsessed over Fallout 3. (making every Little Lamplighter wear powerarmor lol)

    As much as I like this and the quality of the choir, if you want to see what I think is the coolest choir cover ever, listen to our rendition of  “No Surprises” by Radiohead.  

No the kids didn’t get cake.  But after our next concert that might be a good idea.

Local people can come see the next hopefully improved concert on May 2 at UWParkside.  We will also be singing a song with the UWP choir and premiering a new piece by Alyssa Seversen of Eau Claire, WI called “El Tiburron” 

The kids reviewed their performance and noted that they oversang.  One of the reasons I chose this piece is because of the beautifully thin and pure quality the song calls for.  That is our usual tone color.   The difficulties we have yet to overcome include the kids singing this in the dark without a director to help them and the fact that we had never put this together with the whole band.   When singing with a band in the dark without a director on a song you really like, it is hard not to sing a little too loud.  They still nailed the harmonies though!  I am very proud of them.

Thanks to those who have offered to donate to the choir.  The post was not intended for that purpose but knock yourself out.  There isn’t money available to pay for live musicians so we are still very much in the red.  My paypal email address is  You should be able to click on the “donate” link under Blogroll to the right.

Everyone should go out and buy a real copy of the song to support Jonathan Coulton and Valve.


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5 Responses to Kids Sing “Still Alive” Goes Viral!

  1. Manxome says:

    Loved it! Thank you for what you do and taking the time to share with us.

    A thought – how about an LED baton for some direction in the dark?

  2. joinchoir says:

    Interesting thought but its not the beat that they need me for, it is tone color and expression.

  3. Sunshine says:

    The kids didn’t get cake? LIES!

  4. Chad D says:

    Where can I find more info on the UW Parkside show? From Kenosha here and want see this live.

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