Still Alive Video Posted

The video is posted.  Click on the link under “Our Choir” to the right.  Unfortunately converting the file to MP4 really destroyed it.  The video was already shot on my camera which is not good in low light.   I hope to have a better video shot at the concert at Parkside. Here’s the URL if you would rather cut and paste:  

Hey Hey.  It just wasn’t done loading yet.  The quality is still poor but no worse than as it came out of my camera.  I also posted the Sollberger pieces on YouTube. #1      #2 and #3

Donations are Welcome click “donate” under the Blogroll links to the right to use paypal

Uncovered expenses for the materials and musicians for the next four choir performances are over $500.  This is in addition to the $200 that was budgeted by the PTA.   If you are able to donate at this time, make checks out to Gifford School 8332 Northwestern Ave, Racine WI 53406 and turn them into me or the office with a note that it is a donation to “choir club.”  Get a receipt and it should be tax deductible.  If you are having financial difficulties at this time don’t worry about it.  Thanks to the two parents that have helped so far.


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80 Responses to Still Alive Video Posted

  1. Shane says:

    These are fantastic, sir! May I ask if you are yourself a gamer or did you stumble upon ‘Still Alive’ by other means?
    I wish my choir director’s selection was half as interesting as this, and the children are fantastic.
    Greetings from!

  2. Krille says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to let you know, I posted your video on Reddit. It currently has 156 upvotes, and 52 comments.

  4. Fabe Jewell says:

    I am thoroughly impressed at the performance! That’s not an easy song by any means (compared to the standard elementary school repertoire) and can imagine the amount of effort that went into this. These kids are solid! Major props for the balls to perform a VG song that most people wouldn’t recognize.

  5. Nathan says:

    I actually really appreciate this. Have you covered the subject of the song with the students at all?

  6. 8bit says:

    Congrats on hitting Reddit’s front page. That was a pretty badass song choice.

  7. John says:

    Thank you, that was absolutely beautiful.

  8. Derek Garrard says:

    I just watched the video of “Still Alive” and being a huge Portal fan, I couldn’t help but have a grin on my face through the whole thing. (I also sang along)

  9. Doeke says:

    This was clearly a triumph!

  10. Hivemind says:

    This pleases the hivemind of Reddit.

  11. Disemvowel says:

    Well done and bravo sir! My daughter is in Middle School and we have both played Portal, and she sings for choir; comment: “I wish we had a cool teacher like that”. Pretty damn good from a teenager!

  12. stereoa says:

    Good on ya for doing this song! I hope you prefaced the parents, so they didn’t think it was about human murder, but if not, even more epic! Very good work with all the details, the lights and such! Thanks!

  13. wKen says:

    Loved the performance. The video gave me motion sickness. Next time, avoid the zoom. Autofocus in low light is too slow to adjust. Just go with a wide shot.

  14. Just wanted to say thanks — my kids (5 and 6) love this song and had a great time listening to your kids’ rendition over breakfast.

    So, greets from reddit and Austin!

  15. Doug says:


    Just curious, did any of the parents end up pulling out their children from the choir?

  16. blueboybob says:

    Could you create a paypal link for donations? No check here but I will use the power on the internet to donate.

  17. Nelson says:

    AWESOME JOB! I posted this on my site . Got a PayPal Account I could help donate to?

  18. J. Brookes says:

    I just watched this over on It gave me chills! Excellent work! Loved every second of it.

  19. Bryan says:

    Just wanted to say that you seem like an awesome choir teacher.

    More greetings from
    and of course soon to be 🙂

  20. Slava says:

    Thank you very much.
    This was very encouraging me for me as a research student in computer science and as a gamer.

  21. Travis says:

    That really was special. I’m touched.

  22. Hi there!

    I’m a random wanderer from the Internet, and I found your blog after watching that magnificent performance of “Still Alive” – (I adore Coulton)

    Well done, folks! What an awesome idea, and that was a great (albeit low light) performance. You should be very proud of your talent and skill.



  23. Reddit says:

    Prepare to be famous, Mr. Director.

    (By the way, very nice job)

  24. Murphy says:

    Great Video!!! After reading your other Post on this matter, I agree with your choice on this piece. This will go around the net and back in no time (just do a tweet search and you will see the talk) also its been posted on

  25. Andy says:

    Congratulations on getting coverage from reddit and Kotaku.

    Your predictions were certainly on the mark from your prior post; this piece is modern, speaks to a younger generation and it will get you plenty of attention.

    On a different note: I remember participating in my gradeschool choir for a solid three years (3rd-5th grade). Regional competitions, school assemblies, fundraisers for charity events… good times. This brings back memories. 🙂

  26. hsj says:

    I love what you did there! Keep up the good work 😀

  27. Nelson says:

    I think we are all making a note here

  28. tki says:

    Wonderful performance, you and your kids should be proud!

  29. Anonymous says:

    That’s just, I don’t even know.

    What a miraculous collision of black comedy.

  30. joinchoir says:

    I have one but I really don’t know how to use it for this. The email address is, I think that is all you need. I would send you a receipt in the mail for tax purposes if you also emailed me your address.

  31. joinchoir says:

    I have one but I really don’t know how to use it for this. The email address is, I think that is all you need. I would send you a receipt in the mail for tax purposes if you also emailed me your address. I tried figuring out how to add a “Donate” button to this blog, but I will need to look for some help. Thanks for considering helping us out.

  32. 5kidswdisabilities says:

    What a TERRIFIC performance!!!!
    Lindsey Petersen

  33. Jedimus says:

    You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

  34. Luis says:

    U r on front page in , congrats!

  35. xorenadosuke says:

    Ah-Mazing. Awesome performance guys!

  36. Lenny says:

    This was a triumph!

  37. jeex says:

    Well done, encore!

  38. dan says:


  39. Alex says:

    Loved the song! What’s the next?

  40. Zubba says:

    Made my day!!

    When can I join this school??

  41. so@24 says:

    Not an easy song to sing, these guys nailed it.


  42. John says:

    Great job! So awesome to see youth involved in music programs, keep up the great work! Dugg 😉

  43. MK says:

    I appreciate this! Very good rendition.

  44. tk says:

    Amazing job — you should all be very proud — congratulations to you and your students!

  45. upagainst says:

    love the video! im a broke student, but i wish i could donate to the cause. please keep on doing what you do!

  46. Martin Kennelly says:

    Love it all the way from Ireland!! Made my day.

  47. Diggman says:

    Awesome. the parents were likely confused though.

  48. Thomas says:

    Awesome job kids! Well done.. Well done indeed.

    Oh, and you reached also:

  49. Matt says:

    Internet fame here you come! You’re flying up the front page on Digg!

  50. James says:

    Front page of DIGG says hello. Excellent job!!

  51. GLaDOS says:

    This was a huge success!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Great performance!

    I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

  53. JL says:

    Totally cool

  54. roy says:

    Excellent work! If only more people knew the power of video games they would understand.

  55. Ramy says:

    The video is up on the Digg front page right now, your famous!

    Congratulations on your TRIUMPH!

  56. Jason says:

    You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work!

  57. MI says:

    WOW great:)

  58. Steve-o says:

    Your video is one of the top ten links on

    Kudos sir, you and your kids are officially e-famous.

    Bloody brilliant job, btw.

  59. Alexious says:

    Yet another pat on the back for you and the kids… you guys made my day! And no worries about the quality of the video. It was good enough.

  60. Drew says:

    This was awesome. Portal is without a doubt one of the greatest games ever made and the choir did an awesome job singing it!

  61. Simon says:

    This was fantastic! Well done kids!

  62. joinchoir says:

    Some maybe, but the kids have been singing the song at home long enough that the parents have asked them what it was about, looked it up or bought and played the game. However the parents of the Middle and High school choirs and audience at large may have been duly confused. That’s what this amazing invention called the internet is for. I told the audience that if they were interested in what the song was about they could look up “Portal” on YouTube.

  63. joinchoir says:

    Your comment made mine!

  64. Tony says:

    Great job! It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.
    (I tear-ed up while watching!)

  65. Craig says:

    Love it! Made my day! 🙂

    – from New Zealand

  66. McFarlane says:

    Well done! smash hit all over the net!

  67. David says:

    Absolutely amazing. Well done.

  68. Wonderful Job, made my day.

  69. Rahul says:

    That was awesome..I love this song. Good luck for your future projects 🙂

  70. Jordi says:

    Awesome job kids! Well done to the director for keeping things interesting too!

  71. Gordon Freeman says:

    I approve. These kids did an awesome job, and this was an awesome choice of song…. EPIC!

  72. fatttehboi says:


  73. Michael says:

    I am making a note here…..
    Huge Success!

    Well played good sir. Couldn’t have been better.

  74. Keith H. says:

    This is very very cool. Great performance, saw this through the website. BRAVO

  75. Jeff says:

    Great performance!!

  76. CompanionisticCubism says:


    …now show them that the “cake” is NOT a lie. They’ve earned it!

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