GCC Trip Update 3/24

Case High will be dismissing at 10:35 AMso that students can attend the State Girls Basketball tournament.  This does not change our plans.  We will continue rehearsal and performance at Case as planned.  

Thursday March 25 is combined GCC rehearsal at 8 AM.  Kids should wear their uniforms(White Tux Shirts and Black Cavalier Pants)  to school and bring clothes to change into when we get back from the field trip.   We leave for the field trip at 9:15 on Thursday and eat lunch at MCDonald’s returning at 12:30.    17  students have not turned in their permission slips as of noon on Wednesday.  3rd grade choir members in rms 24,25 and 28 can’t come along on the field trip because of the artist in residence dress rehearsal, they do not need to turn in permission slips.  If your kids are not used to handling their own money at McDonald’s you may want to put it in an envelope with their name on it and have them keep it in their pocket.    Chaperones are still needed.  You can post a comment here or email me if you want to chaperone.

Evening Cocnert

 The kids should arrive at 6:30 and you should try to find a seat right away, this always fills up.   3rd graders can arrive later if they have to but please get them there by 6:45 PM.  I believe we are first on the program.  Our Homeroom is the Band Room.  Enter from the North side of Case through the Theater entrance.  Turn right down the first hall.  The band room is the first door on your right.   see schedule below. Note that I do not believe the kids will get to sit in the theater for the other kids evening performances.   The kids can not leave until the show is over as they will be returning to the stage to sing the finale.

Donations are Welcome

Uncovered expenses for the materials and musicians for the next four choir performances are over $500.  This is in addition to the $200 that was budgeted by the PTA.   If you are able to donate at this time, make checks out to Gifford School and turn them into me or the office with a note that it is a donation to “choir club.”  Get a receipt and it should be tax deductible.  If you are having financial difficulties at this time don’t worry about it.

Schedule from Case Director:

MARCH 25, 2010



Because there may be a lack of seating at the evening performance, students will perform for each during the day. 

Have choirs arrive at Case High School at 9:15. 

9:30  Announcements  

9:45  Elementary performance(Gifford)  

10:00  Middle School performance(Gilmore)

10:15  Middle School swing choir(Gilmore)

10:30  High School Concert Choir performance(Case)

10:45  High School Master Singers(Case)

11:00  Finale-all choirs rehearse

11:30  All students load buses to return to schools 


6:15 Warm up in Homerooms

  Gifford:   room 168(band room)

  Case:  room 159(choir room)

  Gilmore: room 159-B(theory room)

6:45 All choirs take reserved seats in theater.  Seats will be reserved for students if there is room

                 in the theatre. (Gifford will wait in homeroom till you go on stage at 7:00).

7:00 Gifford goes on stage to start the concert

8:30 Concert will approximately end.


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