Caiman Chorus T-shirts

Please get your Caiman Chorus t-shirt money and sizes turned in write away.   Someone asked me why the Caiman Chorus kids need a t-shirt.    The confusion is that there are two choirs.   All of the choir kids are in the first choir, the Caiman Chorus.  Some of the kids are also in the second choir, the Gifford Children’s Choir.    The Gifford Children’s Choir Uniform is their white tux shirt and black cavalier pants.  The blue tour shirt was intended as a memento of the tour and was purchased to protect the white shirts when we ate on tour.   The Caiman Chorus uniform will be the new t-shirt with the Gifford Choirs logo with the singing alligator.    The Gifford Children’s Choir kids need to match their peers when they sing as part of the Caiman Chorus.  

                     Here is an earlier post from September on the subject.  Note that the price has gone up from $6 to $7 dollars:

    So here is the plan for this year’s choirs.   All Gifford students grades 2-5 are encouraged to try-out for the choirs at Gifford.    It no  longer matters which music teacher you have.   There will be two choirs.  Both choirs meet before school from 8:00 AM until the start of the school day.  Students will leave from choir directly to their classrooms.   The first choir will be the Caiman Chorus (a caiman is a type of gator) and the Gifford Children’s Choir.  The Caiman Chorus will meet every other Thursday starting September 24.   Students will audition during music classes.  Requirements include attending rehearsals, attending the concert on December 8,  and paying a $6.00 fee to cover the cost of the T-shirt. 2nd graders may audition for the Caiman Chorus and a select few will be invited to join the Gifford Children’s Choir.

     The second choir will be the Gifford Children’s Choir (GCC).  This will meet in two sections, either on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and combine together on Thursdays.  All  GCC members are also members of the Caiman Chorus.  Auditions will be held in music classes.  Returning members as well as new hopefuls must audition.  This choir will be going on tour to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to sing at the Wisconsin Choral Director’s Association  (WCDA) convention.  This is a great honor which comes with a higher level of commitment and a higher cost.   There is a uniform required which will cost about $28 and there will be some expenses related to the tour.  I am seeking funding for the coach busses and meals on the way.  The performance is at 4 PM on January 15 at UW Eau Claire.   We may need to stay the night in a hotel.   Seven Chaperones are needed, please fill out “Wings” vollunteer forms in the office and let me know you are interested if your child is accepted into the choir.   If you have suggestions for where to perform on the way to the convention please let me know.  We will probably be stopping in Mauston to sing at schools and/or nursing homes and I would like to find other, similar performance venues.  

Other requirements are:  

Must be a member of the Caiman Chorus,

Must have the required uniform,

Must attend sectional rehearsal on assigned days and each Thursday rehearsal,

Must plan on going on tour with the choir, 

Must turn in all tour related info when requested such as emergency contact info,

Must keep a team spirit.

      Audition results will be posted on Monday, September 21 for both choirs on this site and on Mr. Senzig and Miss McCormick’s doors at the end of the day.   Watch for audition and tour updates here.


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