Opening Night

Congratulations to the cast of the Thursday talent show and mini-musical!  The kids did an excellent job.    The transitions between acts had worried me but the went smoothly.   Thanks to Miss McCormick for doing such a great job with the musical cast.    Singing in Parts, Dancing and acting…what a great show!   I especially like the independence that all of the talent show kids exhibited.  They got themselves on stage on time without adult prompting,  the lighting for the show was designed by a student.  The spotlights and curtain were run by students.   The choice of the acts and most of the rehearsal was done by the students.  Bravo!

There were a couple of sound system problems.   We are still waiting on the district to replace the speakers in the theater as they are aimed inappropriately at the front of the theater.    Thanks to Chris Janus for loaning to me and teaching me to use his Feedback destroyer.    Firday’s show kids remember not to turn on or off the switches on the handheld wireless mics.  Also, you have to trust me that the mics are on.  A couple of kids hit their mics to check if they were on.   This especially hazardous to the lavaliers.  Thanks to the PTA for the $500 budget for the musical and for supporting our department with last year’s sound equipment purchase.   Having four wireless lavaliers really contributed to the success of the show.


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