Talent Show Order Thurs/Friday

Please note which show or shows your child is participating in and which rehearsal they must attend.  Anyone that does not make the dress rehearsal can not perform in the show.  Students must stay for the entire rehearsal and for the entire show.  If you were invited into the show on “Special Requirements”, you must have completed those requirements and demonstrate them at the rehearsal in order to be in the show.  A couple of these acts have not as of yet made the necessary changes or contacted the directors.   The “Once On This Island” cast is in both shows and should attend both rehearsals.   Please check for spelling of your student’s name.  Also please note the shows actually begin at 6:30 but performers need to be there at 6 PM.    

       A parent or other adult for each act is expected to volunteer back stage to supervise and help other children two and three acts before their child performs.  This will give you a chance to get back to your seat for your child’s performance.   We are hoping to do a daytime performance/rehearsal on Thursday for the students at Gifford.  Parents are not expected to attend.  Seating is very limited. 

Talent Show #1 March 18, 2010 at 6:30 PM

Dress Rehearsal is on March 16, 2010 at 4:15 PM-6:30 PM

Act Name            Performers          Type

MC’s                    Janaí Farr and Nina Kortendick

1 Don’t Rain on My          Song

         Parade   Tabetha Steege      

2 Amelia                 Comedy

         Rina Nikolic and Bella Nikolic

3 This is Me             Song

         Miah James          

4 Amazing Grace      Recorder Solo

         Clair Halladay          

5 Hit Me With Your Best Shot     Dance

    Kirsten Frederick, Morgan Knigge, Dierdre Lambright and Kate Anderson

6 I Could Have Danced All Night           Song

         Kaitlin Hutchinson           

7 Hoop There It Is!         Dance

         Jenna Hutchinson        

8 Replay        Dance

         Katia Gosbee, Alexis Voss, Kaylee Shoup and Xariah Gillie

9 Royal Court Dance       Violin Duet

         Emma Widmar and Alyssa Choinski

10 Beautiful Soul          Song

         Nico Gullo          

11 Malagueña             Piano Solo

         May Kohler          

12 It’s Possible             Song

         Kayla DeRosia and Abigail Senzig

13 Tae Kwon Do           Martial Arts Demo

         Katie Koker         

14 Once On This Island          5th Grade Mini-musical

         See the Cast Roster

         1. Waiting For Life

         2. Mama Will Provide

         3. Why We Tell The Story

Talent Show #2  March 19, 2010 at 6:30 PM

Dress Rehearsal March 17, 2010 at 4:15-6:30 PM

Act Name            Performers          Type

MC’s                Haylee Hess         MC’s

1 Don’t Rain on My Parade    Song

         Tabetha Steege      

2 Bass at the Beach      Comedy/Bass Solo

         Hailey Bowen with help from Savannah Bowen          

3 Jesus Take the Wheel       Song

         Nicole Petrovic     

4 Healthy Eating                  Comedy Skit

         Nate Koch, Sean Steinbach, Aidan Anderson and Jaxon Ford

         With help from Mrs. Steinbach

5 Colors of the Wind         Song

         Sofia Nikolic           

6 Wilt Thou Abuse Me With Thy Recorder       Recorder Duet

         Peter Monti and Kaitlin Hutchinson

7 Big Green Tractor      Dance

         Taylor Wrenger and Candice Mattie      

8 Elenor Rigby           Violin Solo

         Sean Steinbach      

9 Soul Sister            Song

         Michael Villalobos and Nick Urban

10 Hips Don’t Lie        Dance

         Sydney Bryant           

11 Bubbly                Song

         Nina Kortendick, Ruby Haneman and Molly Lipson

12 Tae Kwon Do           Martial Arts Demo

         Katie Koker         

13 Once On This Island                  5th Grade Mini-musical

         See the Cast Roster

         1. Waiting For Life

         2. Mama Will Provide

         3. Why We Tell The Story


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