March 25 GCC Concert

          Bring grandma to this one and get there early!  The show starts at 7 PM at the Case High School Theatre.  (Note: this is not a post about the talent show)   The kids have done an amazing job of retaining their performance level of the pieces that were commisioned for them and preparing the two new pieces.  I am most excited about the new piece “Still Alive” as we have some extremely interesting things planned for this.  You’ve got to see this!  

          There is a conflict that will inconvenience a few of our third grade performers.   A very important event is scheduled for March 25 in addition to our performance.   The third grade classes will be working with “Mr. Billy”, an artist in residence at Gifford on the day of our performance.  This will effect three of the 6 classes, I will post when I know which ones.  They will be unable to attend the field trip.  All third graders will be doing double duty on the night of the 25th, as they will have a performance with “Mr. Billy” at 5:30 PM at Gifford, and then need to rush over to Case High School for our concert at 7 PM.  

           I know this may be upsetting for many of you but please consider that what they are doing with the Artist in Residence is part of our school’s attempt to improve our reading scores and is part of the curriculum.  As much as I would like it to be otherwise, our choir is all volunteer and therefore extra-curricular.  This distinction will be even more important  when your children are in middle and high school choirs.   At those levels, the choirs are curricular and therefore choir events will take precedence over extra-curricular activities such as clubs and sports.   Even though my own 3rd grader is going to miss out on the field trip and rehearsal, I have to say that I agree with the administration’s decision to require the 3rd grade choir members to stay at school.    The big thing they will miss is getting to see the Gilmore Middle School and Case High School kids perform.  There is not enough room for the students to sit in the theater during the evening show.  I will try to smuggle the 3rd graders involved into the theater in the evening.  

     It would be a good idea for your GCC member to bring two AA batteries to each of our next three performances.   They will be using a specially prepared flashlight as part of the show.  I have purchased enough batteries at the dollar staore to fill all 80 flashlights but I am not sure about their longevity.   The music department is broke after all the things for choir and the double talent shows so we can’t replace the batteries if they go bad.

     The kids will be wearing their uniforms both during the day and at night.   They may want to bring another shirt to put over their uniforms for when they eat at McDonalds.   Remember to get their pants hemmed before next week.   5 people have returned their pants a second time and I have sent them back to the company.  The new ones should be here anyday…hope…hope… pray… pray…  

As always, feel free to post your responses here so I know someone is reading the posts.   I always listen to and consider your input.


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