Talent Show Results Posted

 Talent Show Acts

Name of Act                  Name of Peformer(s)         Type of Act         Room #

Table Manners  Nate K, Sean S, Aidan A, Jaxon F  Skit 22 24 25

Elinor Rigby Sean S           Violin

Hit Me With Your Best Shot Kirsten F, Morgan K, Deirdre L, Kate A  Dance  44 and 38

Big Green Tractor  Taylor W Candice M   Dance

Beautiful Soul   Nico G             31

Tae Kwon Do   Katie K           Martial Arts Demo         30

Colors of the Wind    Sofia N     Song

Amelia    Bell N and Rina N  Skit

I Could Have Danced All Night   Kaitlyn H  Song         36

Royal Court Dance  Emma W and Alyssa C            Violin Duet          42        

MC’s show #1  Janai F and Nina K          38

MC’s show #2  Haylee H and Ruby H

Bass at the Beach  Hailey B on         Bass Solo         30

Replay  Katia G Alexis V Kaylee S and Xariah G  

Dance 40

Don’t Rain On My Parade  Tabetha S         Song         46

This is Me   Miah J                   Song          44

It’s Possible  Abby S and Kayla D         Song         25 40

Malagueña                   May K                  Piano         34

Hips Don’t Lie          Sydney B                  Hula Hoop         30

*Special Requirements: 

The following acts may be in the show if they meet the given requirements:

*Ruby H, Nina K, Molly L  Bubbly          Song

requirement:  Work with the directors with printed music and improve,

see Miss McCormick

*Nicole P  Jesus Take the Wheel         Song         46

requirement:  Work with Mr. Senzig on guitar and improve

*Clare H Amazing Grace   Recorder 39

requirement:  Work with the directors with additional performance elements and improve.

*Michael V and Nick U  Soul Sister

requirement:  Work with the directors, use accompaniment, improve and some changes needed

*Jenna H Hula Hoop          Dance                  55

requirement:  Need an appropriate song to dance to.  Ask the directors or choose one and show it to the directors.

*Wilt Thou Abuse Me With Thy Recorder  Peter M and Kaitlin H

requirement: finish preparing and play for Mr. Senzig


Thanks to all who tried out.  It takes a lot of courage to get up in front of others and sing, dance or perform.   If you are not on the list try out again next year if you are here or look for other opportunities to perform at the school you attend. 

Congratulation to those who passed the audition.

Look for the name of your act and your own name.  If anything is spelled incorrectly let Mr. Senzig know.  If you are performing with Miss McCormick playing piano it is up to you to schedule rehearsal time. 

There are two talent shows.  Check the blog or the music room doors for a list of who is in each show.  You must be able to make the dress rehearsal for your show, perform during the day on March 18 and attend the entire show you are involved in.

Talent Show rehearsals are March 16 and 17 4:15-6:30 PM and the shows are March 18 and 19 at 6 PM. 

Talk to your friends about coming to watch you.


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