Help Build Set

On Friday morning beginning at 10 AM I would like some help building the set for the Talent Show/Musical.  I am looking for adults that are handy with a hammer, power tools or a paint brush.  I also have not thought about how to build several palm trees so suggestions would be welcome.   Look for me in the auditorium.   Let me know if you are coming if possible.   Kids can come along and help you with the task or sit quietly in the theater.  I will not have time to direct children on what to do.  



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2 Responses to Help Build Set

  1. Gail Mattie says:

    I have some palm trees that we made for the carnival a couple years ago(I think (5 ) double trees, approximately 6 ft tall. your welcome to use them if you’d like.

  2. joinchoir says:

    Whoo hoo! Bring ’em in or call me 619-4550 at at school.

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