New Piece With Parkside

Wow!!! I just received a CD and a print copy of the piece Children’s Choir  will be doing with UWP on May 2.   Dr. Kinchen told me it was Dona Nobis Pacem which is a very old very over done piece sung by every children’s choir…ordinary.  I wasn’t thrilled.  But I was wrong.  This is a piece from the 1990’s for Soprano soloist, SATB divisi choir and two part children’s choir…extrordinary.  It is beautiful!  If clasical vocal music isn’t your thing, it may be after hearing this piece.  I can’t wait to hear our kids singing it.  You can purchase a recording of it on Itunes for $.99.  There are two versions of it and I’m not sure if we are doing the long or short form.  If you search “Dona Nobis Pacem Fanshawe”  It should be the first hit.  The second is the short version.  Unfortunately the 30 seconds you can hear for free doesn’t give the big picture.


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