Wish List

I put together a wish list for the choir just to keep my eyes on the long term.  Organizations such as the Appleton Boy Choir, and the Milwaukee Children’s Chorus regularly seek donations, grants, and planned giving from families of members, supporters and foundations.   One of the most significant problems for the choir is going to be acoustics at the spring concert and future performances.   The district owns a single choral shell (The thing that was behind the choirs at the all school concert that projects the sound forward).  This shell is in tough shape as it has been in the district since at least the 1970’s and is used by every school.  I reserved it in May 2009 for May 2010 and still wasn’t able to get it.   A new one costs $15,000.   After posting the wish list a gentleman from a choir out East emailed me that his choir is selling one, slightly used, for around $7,000.  I have emailed a couple of different sources in the district and queried other directors as to their desire to make a joint purchase.  So far I have gotten only negative responses.    I don’t expect an immediate answer from anyone, but if you have any ideas about acquiring this equipment please share them.   My philosophy is “Always hope for the moon but live with your feet on the ground.”   See the tab “Wish List” above for other ideas.


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