How Do They Look?

              Well, most of you have tried on the uniforms.  What do you think?   Looking at my own 3rd grader in clothes that just don’t seem to fit right made me question my sanity for a moment.   She has size 16 pants that fit snug up higher than I would like and the shirt is stiff and pokes out everywhere.   I know I’m going to loose the black studs before the first concert. So why go through all this? 

          I gave myself the same advise I will give you.  1st off, remember that a choir uniform is a costume, not fancy dress up clothes.  The point is to have a single appearance for the choir.  The effect of 80 children wearing these clothes is quite different than just one child.   The shirts will loosen up after being washed and I would recommend washing them alone or with other whites, no bleach, at least twice before we perform.   If your child’s pants are a bit too big around the middle, you may have them wear a black belt with a buckle not much larger than the belt. The pants will of course need to be hemmed.   Please use stitching and not glue, so that they can be altered in the future.   If you can’t hook and zip the pants, the pants are inches too big around the middle, the shirt can’t be buttoned or you could fit two of your kid in the shirt, return the offending article of clothing with a note  indicating too big or too small and we will try to exchange it with other kids that have problems in the opposite direction.  If that doesn’t work we can send them back for an exchange.  If they don’t fit send them back to school for rehearsal tomorrow in the original packaging, minus studs, pins and plastic inserts.

     The kids are going to look good in these costumes and they will be uniform.  That is an improvement over years past.


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2 Responses to How Do They Look?

  1. Gail Mattie says:

    Regarding the shirts, Candice’s was a good fit other than strangling her. My husband said he has this problem with tux shirts all the time(like he wears them alot) He said he always gets an extender for that neck button which is invisable to the eye. Wondered if anyone else had the same problem and is this something the uniform co. may have for purchase.

  2. joinchoir says:

    I hadn’t heard of a button extender before s I looked on line. I don’t think they will work with the mandarin collared shirts. The idea of the extender is that it will stay hidden behind your bow tie. We don’t have bow ties. Here is alink showing what it would look like:

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