Should Your Kids Play Portal?

The song Still Alive that GCC will be singing is from a video game.  One kid told me his parents went out and bought him the game so he could play it.   I thought it would be a good idea to let you know a bit about the game.    The game Portal was originally bundled with other games from the company “Valve.”  These games are certainly M rated games similar to Army of Two, Medal of Honor and other shoot ’em up games.  Portal however is not any more violent than enslaving pokemon monsters to battle for you.   The fun in the game is figuring out how to use physics and the laws of motion to propel yourself through cleverly placed portals to get to places you could not walk to.  The only violence in the game is caused by little electronic gun turrets that shoot at you in the higher level scenarios.  These are defeated by knocking them over.  The only gore is that if you get hit by a turret it leaves blood stains on the wall.   It is rated M because of the bundled games.  If you allow your kids to play any video games, this one is probably alright.   There is a new version available on xbox live.  I do not know anything about it except it is supposed to contain extended levels from the first game.  It is called Portal: Still Alive.


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