Songs Posted

You can listen to the Eau Claire Concert on our Myspace site.  Click on the link “Gifford Choirs Practice Site” on the right under “Our Choir.”  You should be able to download the songs from there but I couldn’t figure that out.  I set it up so that you could.  Only the Sollberegr and Rusby songs have permission to share.   If you can comment here on how to do it that would be great.


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2 Responses to Songs Posted

  1. Gail Mattie says:

    I would like to say Bravo !. I went on the Eau Claire trip and was truly amazed at the wonderful job by the Gifford Choir. It was worth every minute of the trip. I would also like to thank Mr. Senzig for his dedication and hard work with these kids. There was some doubts from alot of the parents (including myself) on this whole trip. I need to apoligize for any doubts I had and repeat myself, it was worth every minute! Thank you Gifford Choir and Mr Senzig, you were brilliant!

  2. Meera Sharma says:

    I absolutely agree. It was a brilliant performance!Thank you Mr.Senzig for all your hard work,patience and unshakable faith in our children!
    The grand entry item was a great idea too. It really added energy to the performance.Hats off to the kids for an impeccable performance.This group is sure to go places! Thanks once again Mr. Senzig!

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