Bon Voyage


Arrive  @ 8 AM

Depart @8:30 AM Don’t be late

Return 10:30 PM

Wear Blue Tour t-shirt with nothing showing underneath, Dark pants and a sweatshirt or something over it in case it is cold in the rehearsal hall and to protect during lunch


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3 Responses to Bon Voyage

  1. Kim Hays says:

    I want to thank you so much for all your time,commitment and hard work you put in to making this trip come together. I’m sure the kid’s will have an amazing trip they will never forget!!
    Thanks again
    Kim Hays

  2. Jack says:

    All ok
On time

  3. Nathalie Kelsey says:

    Jack – I just wanted to second the comment that I really appreciate all the work it took for the choir to go on this trip. The kids had a great time and its wonderful to see Gifford represented.

    Thanks again for ALL you do!

    The Kelsey Family

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