Letter Home Tomorrow


Dear Parents,

We have rehearsal Thursday morning at 8 AM and again at 6 PM.   After we rehearse on Thursday evening we will pass out the uniforms as they should be here in time.  There is not enough time to deal with hemming the pants so I want you to plan on having the kids wear some other black, dark brown, or dark blue pants or gauchos.  We will have all we can do to rehearse and get the kids shirts and t-shirts tried on.  You will need to wash both t-shirt and tux shirt (separately of course) as the kids will be wearing them all day.   The rehearsal/fitting will end at 7:30 PM.

The bus will arrive at 8:00 AM on Friday.  I would like everyone to arrive on the East side of school at that time.   The bus departs officially at 8:30 AM but we will leave early if we can.   If you are not there by 8:30 AM we will leave without you.  

I am your emergency contact person.  Please contact me only in case of emergency during the trip.  My cell phone number is 262-498-3287.  I will attempt to update the blog about ½ hour after leaving Eau Claire.  This is pushing the limit of my tech ability.   We return at 10:30 PM.  The school will not be open so don’t be late. 

What To Bring On The Bus

Students should come to school dressed in uniform: dark pants, Tux shirt with

tour t-shirt over the top.

Enough money for lunch and supper at McDonald’s or Culvers I recommend $10

for McDonald’s, more for Culvers

Backpack or carry on.

Dry snacks: not things that will spill or stain their fingers

Water bottles with resealable caps

Something to do: Books, Uno cards, electronic games, pad of paper or notebook

A G rated movie DVD for the bus DVD player 

Things not to bring:

Soda, juice boxes, milk cartons or any drink but water as above.

Permanent Markers or markers that could damage the seats on the bus.

Cell phones may be brought along but must be off (not silenced)

Cell phones may only be used with permission except at designated times.

Cell phones used without permission will be confiscated.

Cell phones may only be used to call or text parents and only at designated  times.   Students will be allowed to phone home ½ hour after leaving Eau Claire  and ½ hour before arriving back at school. 

Tour Itinerary 

1/15/2010 Outbound

8:30 AM Depart from Gifford 8332 Northwestern Ave, Racine, WI 53406   (262) 619-4550

11:30 PM Arrive at McDonald’s 600 Mcevoy St, Mauston, WI 53948

(608) 847-6166

12:30 PM Depart for UWEC

2:30 PM Arrive 121 Water Street Eau Claire, WI ,  Gantner Hall of the Haas Center of the Arts

2:30 Kids meet and greet the composer (he may already be with us on the bus)

3:15 PM Rehearsal in Gantner Hall

4:00 PM Perform in Gantner Hall 

4:15 PM Listen to Greenbay Lombardi  Middle School Choir in Gantner Hall

1/15/2010 (inbound)

4:30 PM Depart homeward

6:30 PM Arrive at McDonald’s 600 Mcevoy St, Mauston, WI 53948

(608) 847-6166

7:30 PM Depart for Gifford

10:30 PM Arrive at Gifford 8332 Northwestern Ave, Racine, WI 53406  (262) 619-4550


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