Uniform News and Performance Review


        The uniforms are due at my house on Thursday during the day.   I had them sent there as I was expecting them over break.  We should hopefully have them for the Thursday night rehearsal.  We will have the kids wear the Mandarin tux shirts ad not worry about the pants as they come unhemmed.   Have a pair of dark brown, dark Blue or Black pants set out to go on Friday.  It is important to wash the shirts before the kids wear them.    If you want to hem you kids pants and have them wear them that would be fine of course.  

Todays Concert

       The kids did an amazing job at today’s concert.  There were a few errors and improvements needed but for the first time ever running the three new pieces it went very well.   I believe the students enjoyed hearing UWParkside’s choir.  I know I did.  The director, Dr. Kinchen, is the one who suggested we audition for the convention.   They will also be performing at the convention.


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3 Responses to Uniform News and Performance Review

  1. Nicole Kraus says:

    Mr. Senzig
    Just read the blog this morning b/f sending Colton off. I am willing to work hard (I should say late)for you to get those pants hemmed. I sent that message with Colton. Depending on when you get them, I could come thurs during school, if you have them to get started. Or during practice and take remainder home. Hopefully only doing those who can’t get it done at home that night. Another parents help would be great, but I am confident I can get it done for you. Give me a call or email me. Thanks Niki Kraur

  2. Cathy Andersen says:

    Can we stop by closer to 5:30 to pick up the uniform. 5th Graders need to be at their schools for tours by 6:30 so 6pm is cutting it too close. How late to you anticipate rehearsal to go. Tours should be done by 7:30 so we could possibly stop by afterwards.

  3. joinchoir says:

    I am sorry but this is beyond what we have time to fix. I intend on only passing out pants to the kids who do not have any other dark pants to wear. If most kids end up in tux pants and a few do not, that will look worse than kids in a uniform shirt and a less than uniform pants. I greatly appreciate your dedication and offer but you need to trust me on this. If we were to try to accomplish fixing the pants we will be unable to adjust the shirts and someone will not have the right pants. Take for example that it is one day before the tour and three kids still have not turned in their permission slips and 15 haven’t turned in their $10. Many of the 5th graders will hopefully be picking up their pants at school as they will be at middle school orientation and not at the evening rehearsal. I want to focus on getting the shirts right. If you can come to the rehearsal and bring a needle and white thread to help put a tuck in shirt sleeves that would be great. Shirts will need to be taken home and washed before the trip as well.

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